Windows passwords recovery

An average lifespan of an operating system running on any PC usually ranges from 2—3 months up to several years. During this time its user actively installs and uninstalls programs, registers at different websites, works in e-mail clients and communicates via social networks. Universally, in such cases the user has to come up with a new login/password pair every time he or she wants to register a new account, and 3 to 4 months of using an OS normally results is several dozens of suchlike registrations. Most passwords are soon forgotten because of the browser's default autofilling; some are lost due to human error. It's all part of an ordinary course of working at a computer, but sooner or later there comes a time when the operation system needs to be reinstalled. That's when the user who confided all his passwords to the system becomes a prisoner of the situation—OS reinstallation will inevitably erase all cached passwords, and valuable data associated with them will be lost.

The developers of PasswordRecovery now offer a great solution for the problem cited above. This software product was designed for recovering and deciphering all passwords entered on any given machine during the lifetime of the computer's operation system. Through the use of PasswordRecovery you'll be able to recover passwords from

  • Web accounts registered via any browser

  • Internet messengers of all sorts

  • E-mail clients

  • Download managers

  • FTP clients

  • Internet connections etc.

PasswordRecovery incorporates a user-friendly, intuitive interface, so you won't need special expertise to use it. If you need to retrieve stored passwords from the depths of your operation system before you reinstall it, you'll only have to launch PasswordRecovery and follow simple instructions.

With that, PasswordRecovery will be a great subsidiary tool for technicians who configure, recover and repair hardware. The service of recovering lost passwords is quite popular among clients, which means PasswordRecovery can give you a boost to the level of service provided.

Here are several examples of how PasswordRecovery works (compiled from the clients' feedback).

1. "My Facebook password went missing in the college library, along with the notebook. Alas, that was entirely my fault. I couldn't recover it by regular means, and after a while I noticed that someone was uploading photos and making offensive posts on my behalf. My good friend recommended me to try PasswordRecovery, and it did the thing in a clap. To my luck, the failed 'hackers' who stole my notebook didn't hit upon changing the password, so I did it for them straight away and took a good note of my mishap."

2. "After I moved in, I hadn't used my MSN Messenger until the internet connection was established in our apartment. When I finally connected, I realized I'd forgotten my password for MSN (yes, I'm that kind of a person). And I managed to recover it ONLY with PasswordRecovery. Amazing tool, I feel like it'll stand me a good stead for years to go."

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